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Cloud Communications

Cloud Communications allows you to send your office telecommunications expenses into the cloud! You no longer need the capital expense of purchasing expensive wall mounted PBX systems  (private branch exchanges). Nor do you need to stitch your company into an expensive monthly maintenance contract to maintain your PBX. You can also disconnect those additional phone lines and monthly charges you no longer need to pay. Even those expensive telephone handsets can be a thing of the past. Putting your telecoms system into the cloud, even eliminates the additional mains electricity charges your old system used to consume. To benefit from your new Starcomm Cloud PBX you just need internet access either from your mobile phone, or from a fibre optic cable inside your office. The rest of your communications can be accessed from the internet! For one fixed cost you can deploy as many extension phones as you like. You can even by-pass your mobile phone carrier and route your calls over your office account. Of course it comes complete with voice-mail, voice-to-email, fax-to-email, telephone dictation services, music-on-hold, call-transfer.

Global coverage

Modern business and modern corporations are moving away from giant office complexes which are static giant monoliths of the past, which demanded their employees to commute and create and get stuck in those morning and evening traffic jams. Commuter delays, which not only stress out your life, eat away at your personal finances, but also pollute the planet! Fourteen years ago, our founder decided to cut the wires and travel the globe living and working wherever he liked. As soon as the technology became developed enough Starcomm began to offer international roaming SIM cards for mobile phone users, which allowed them the same lifestyle of international travel. Providing its customers, not only with a choice of where they lived, but when and where they worked. Commuting to work was no further than their nearest smart-phone or laptop. Obvious lifestyle benefits helped our customers attract and retain the very best staff. Who work together in “virtual” teams, with a virtual manager, whilst enjoying different lifestyles in completely different countries around the world. Political boundaries remain just that! Man made marks on a map, designed by men who for centuries have demanded full control of “their” citizens. Starcomm, mobile Internet now empowers everyone roam anywhere in the world to finally be FREE.

International Presence

Running a small business, but want to appear to be an international mega corporation? Everything is possible with Starcomm’s International Phone numbers. Our International Geographic and Premium Rate Numbers,(IPRN’s) allow you to advertise multiple phone numbers within multiple countries so that you can provide overseas customers with a local telephone number! Starcomm offers its customers a huge collection of international telephone numbers free of charge, some of which allow you to collect a small income which helps pay your internet connectivity charges. You can also use one or more of these numbers to link a real telephone number to your soft-phone peer to peer application. Please subscribe to our email list to get a free copy of these ranges and to get further details. So now you can grow your global business identity in a day rather than physically and expensively over years!¬† You are also free to work in one country whilst maintaining your contact presence in your country of company registration. Why suffer the winter, when you can live and work in a place where its summer all year round?

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